Blänk är gruppen som etablerade eurotrash och satte Ryssbält på kartan. Efter att ha fått hjälp av BD Pop att släppa första-singeln "Shirt Off" fann de sig snabbt en publik i klubbkretsar och växte via stora musikbloggar som Palms Out Sounds och Discobelle. Debutalbumet "You've Never Been To Sápmi" släpptes på nätet hösten 2009 via egna labeln Grind.

Have you ever heard of the great market in Jokkmokk? Way, way up northern Sweden, in a small villlage close to the arctic circle, there's this traditional market that goes back a couple of centurys. Originally this was where the natives of Lappland met up once a year with the northern-most Swedes to trade reindeer-skin, gunpowder and such and such. Today, the market has turned into a freakshow carnival where tourists go to buy "genuine Indian knives", glow-in-the-dark Jesus figurines and pay 20 dollars for a reindeer-burger.

I went there this winter to do just that, and as I was trying to haggle one of the vendors for a pair of handwoven "Lovikka"-gloves, this weird music made its way to me. At first i thought it was the amusement park pumping its trademark blend of eurotechno and 90s disco, except this was actually good. And it was live.

Cramped in between two vendor tents I manage to catch the final song of Blänk. Two awkward-looking young men dressed in shorts and t-shirts (Mind you, it's like -35 degrees Celsius.) I was immediately blown away. Since I'm always looking for new acts for my clubs in Scandinavia I spoke to them after the gig. They were a bit slow and Petter kept inviting me to come and have a cup of coffee at his grandparent's house. Eventually they agreed to play some more of their songs through the tape-deck of Petters old Volvo. Apparently, they call their music Eurotrash and get their inspiration from "snow, reindeers, the dream of Miami, and girls". It was simply amazing. At that moment I decided to book them for a gig in Stockholm.

They claimed to have had two gigs before in the northern part of Sweden but they were real excited to go by plane for the first time in their lives. Since that initial meeting I've played that tape all around Scandinavia and got an entire tour booked for this summer. Since they have no phones, contacting them is close to impossible, but last time I heard from them they were "ready to take over". I for one can't wait. I made them a myspace page where you can hear one of their songs and also see Petters video diary.


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